Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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I map your body


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I map your body

With my fingertips

Feeling the muscle and sinew

Under your skin

The quiet strength emanating from you

You watch me intently

I continue to explore

Enjoying the texture of your skin, your warmth

Your masculinity

But I know you could end this exploration

In a moment

I breathe deeply of you

Your scent intoxicating me

Making me hungry for more

For all of you


*Not new but I’ve added audio to almost justify. I hope that the reader will enjoy.


Photograph taken from Pinterest




The cool quiet of this winter night

is heated

by thoughts of you.

This night

becomes one with the darkest of dreams.

Conjuring you up

over the miles

to show me what true possession feels like.

Dark imaginings of your skin pressed to mine

the play of your fingers

across my breasts

my belly

my thighs.

All of this

poured into decadent dreams

as desire saturates my mind.

A kaleidoscope of passion.  

I am breathless with every thought I can summon.

Thoughts that become fantasies that become dreams

that are dark and dangerous and daring.

Full of delicious promise

that makes my skin dance

and my body tremble

with the heat of my arousal.

Dreams so real, so vivid

that I can feel the ridges and whirls 

of your fingerprints

left across every inch of sacred flesh

and your scent

clinging to my skin as I wake

intoxicating me




Photograph taken by Jose Miguel

Model: Lauren Nicholas