Siren Whispers

Siren Song


You are…


You are the craving

that I never want to sate


You are the book

I never want to finish


You are the journey

that I never want to end



Photograph taken from Pinterest

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What is hidden?

There is the public face and the private one. 

Those parts of ourselves that we share


The pieces that don’t raise eyebrows

or cause fingers to be pointed.

The safe pieces.

The ones that grant us acceptance

in the world we inhabit.

And then there are the pieces that we keep hidden

sometimes even from ourselves.

Those that cause us the most confusion and consternation.

How can we describe them

explain them to others

if we cannot do so to ourselves…

It is often only when those parts

we have so cleverly hidden

have been recognised by another

that we begin to understand our own depth

we accept the journey that we are on

and we embrace our future.



Artwork by Casey Baugh




Escape can be temporary.

Like a holiday

or losing oneself

in the pages of a good book.

I wanted to escape with you.

In my mind.

In my soul.

Not a temporary escape

but flight that would take me

where I had never been before.

That would release me

from the chains I’d bound myself in.

My hand in yours

as I ventured into the unknown

senses alive with possibility.

Heart pounding.

Pulse fluttering.

Not because of the destination

but because of the journey.

With you.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Thank You


A heartfelt thank you.

To all that follow this blog which, for me, is a new journey. An adventure into the unknown. 

To all that comment on my jumble of words.

Without your comments I would never know if my words meant anything to anyone but myself. It truly is a pleasure to read them all. 

Your comments make me smile, laugh and think. They make me want to make sure that whenever you click on this link, that it is worth reading. 

So thank you once again for joining me on this journey.


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He sees it through new eyes.

Her eyes.

His path

Once well trodden

And comfortable

Has gained new light

New interest.

 With her

His journey has become exciting again.

For in the mellifluous midnight

Of her soul

He has found a foil

For his own darkness

Photograph taken from Tumblr