Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Like air, I’ll rise

Like air, I’ll rise

you cannot see me

yet I’m felt

like the wind that whispers your name

or touches you


a cool caress upon your cheek


Like air, I’ll rise

and greet your lips

in a kiss

and like a snowflake


from your heat


© SirenSong1208

All rights reserved

Photograph taken by SirenSong1208


The night breathes


The night breathes

And sighs your name

It peels the covers away

And stealthily slips into my bed

My lover

To kiss away the moonlight

I am dressed in

To make wicked the waning dark

Bringing about a blush

To rival the dawn



Photograph taken from WhiteNoten


Ichor of desire


She looked levelly at him

‘this can be yours’, she said,

the plum kiss of her glistening lips a distraction from the words.

Still, he heard them and heeded their plea

the ichor of desire pumping hard and fast through his veins

ringing in his ears

a rushing river of carnal thoughts.

One look at her

and he could clearly see

that the shape of his destruction

would be found

in the curve of her sensuality.



Photograph taken from Pinterest




As I imagine

every wet kiss

and each shared breath

I feel you pull me deeper

into you.

You become the oxygen

filling my lungs

the blood

coursing through my veins

the heat

I feel upon my skin. 

You bewitch my senses

one by one

with your scent

your touch

your taste

until I’m thoroughly intoxicated

with you

my favourite addiction.



Photographer: The Sensual Eye

Model: Sarifka Morgan


His and Her Kisses


Her kiss tastes like café au lait, chocolate croissants and Degas pastels… 

His kiss tastes like Earl Grey, colorful leaves and crisp Autumn air… 

Her kiss tastes like sweet muscat wine, slow dancing under the stars and a four poster bed…

His kiss tastes like amaretto, walks in the rain and nights by the fire…naked…

Her kiss tastes like mulled wine, a first edition of Wuthering Heights and a rainy, stormy evening in the country… 

His kiss tastes like brandy, the pungent fragrance of leather and a crackling fire in a study… 

Her kiss tastes like Pernod, Anais Nin and lusty abandon… 

His kiss tastes like red wine, velvet nights and tangled sheets…

*I did many of these as singles on Twitter but have never put them together as

a His and Her.

Thank you for bearing with my sense of whimsy.

Photo taken from Pinterest


Of Lovers’ Kisses


There is something raw and primal

About a passionate kiss between lovers

When the flames burn wildly between two

There is a sense of urgency

That you cannot get enough

That the hunger you have

For this person

For their lips

For their breath

For their very essence

Will eat you from the inside out

If you do not devour them with your lips

A kiss such as this

Full of carnal desire

Where you cannot possibly get close enough

When the kiss cannot possibly get deep enough

When the thought of such a kiss takes your breath away

Such a kiss is what



Delicious dreams are made of

And they are what I dream of

With you

Photo taken from Tumblr. com