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It was my supreme pleasure to see Lana Del Rey in concert last evening. It was her Endless Summer tour and I was looking forward to music on a summer night, amphitheater acoustics making the event spectacular all the while the rays of the sun edging toward earth in a fiery sunset while a mild breeze ruffled my hair and caressed my face. 

Mother Nature had other plans….unfortunately.

First let me say that despite it all I had a great time. I adore Lana and her music and this was truly a treat for me to see her. 

The previous week should have been a predictor but it hadn’t been. We’d been inundated by storms and constant rain for over a week but the temperatures had been relatively mild, in keeping with the month. Yesterday it rained again. And rained and rained. By the time the concert had started, I, clad in jeans and rain gear, was a bedraggled mess and freezing. The temperature had unexpectedly dropped and was 46 degrees. I was wishing I had gloves. The wind conspired to make us uncomfortable, drenching us periodically with the rain, which since we were not on the lawn we escaped. For the most part.

I have to give major props to Lana. Here it was raining, cold and windy and she came out on stage in a very summery short dress and bare legs. Looking beautiful, of course. She must have been freezing but gave no hint of it. 

Her set included many songs from her latest album, Ultraviolence, but also some old favorites such as Born to Die, Cola, Blue Jeans, Video Games and Summertime Sadness. At one point she even did a cover of a Leonard Cohen song. 

 It may not have been a perfect night for outdoor music but it was still a perfect night, frozen fingers and toes and all. 

If you ever get the chance to see her you simply must. She sounds just as amazing in person as she does on her records.

All photos taken by sirensong1208