Siren Whispers

Siren Song


He knows her


He knows her

by her eyes

a clear gaze that sees right to his soul.

He knows her

by the soft persuasion of her smile

as it lifts

from corner to corner

her eyes joining in

with a twinkle

leading his own to grace his face.

He knows her

by her quiet intelligence

and irreverent sense of humor

the way that she makes him laugh

the way that she makes him think.

He knows her

by her breathtaking curves

and girl next door appeal

a siren under wraps

discovered as he peeled away

layer after layer

allowing her to bloom

under his care.

He knows her

by her gentle soul

that believes the best of others

by the light he finds within her

that warms him on his coldest days

and by the way she finds beauty

in everyday.

He knows her

as she knows him

but they have barely begun

to know.


*This is not new but remains true.


Photograph taken from PerfectlyPersuasive