Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Come closer


Come closer

Find me

Light having been leavened

Where darkness had abruptly fallen

A path cleared

On two fronts


Come closer

Find me

Upon the path this maze of words you’ve created

Has left me

Adorned with memories

Dressed with your signature

Formed with touchstones

You know I will recognise


Come closer

Find me

See my words

Hear my voice

Come closer

And touch me

In all the ways

That we know

That we’ve shared

That we adore



Photograph taken from the internet, original provenance unknown.





Autumn leaves.

Their fiery beauty the setting

to an unwanted separation.

A cold blast of winter air

settled around my shoulders

and froze the tears

upon my cheeks.

The world tilted upon its axis

and I spilled off

into the black abyss.

His touch

hidden from my heart.

Secret longing kept buttoned

under my winter coat

as I walked miles

lost in our memories.


*Written for PoemTrail on Twitter; Prompts in bold


Photograph taken from Pinterest


Lonely nights…


Lonely nights

Can be pitch black

The echo of memories

Coming alive in the night

A silent torture

In the quiet of her room

The sheets tangled

As her body burns

With a fever

She cannot



*A repost from last year because this steamy summer day reminded me of this type of fever…


Photograph taken from Tumblr


Winter moon


The winter moon is high in the sky

beautiful and alone

majestically ruling the night.

I am still and silent in the warm nest of my bed.

Bare skin gilded by moonlight.

My breathing no longer steady

and calm

as I’ve been thinking of you.

The snow is falling

creating a winter wonderland outside of my window.

The world is blanketed in white

while stark trees

become silent sentries to the dark.

Snow drifts conjure up memories.

A lady in snow

skin as pale and as cold as marble

yet burning with a fire inside.

A time of yearning and anticipation

of rising passions and intense bonds.

A time when anything and everything

seemed possible

and I had the world at my fingertips.

I had you

and you had me.


*This piece has been sitting in my drafts since winter. With the heat of summer in full bloom I sometimes long for the cool kiss of a snowflake upon my cheek.


Photograph by Chi Yan for Yume; Model: Sabrina




Seed of promise



Within her garden of words

she cultivated the possibility

of more

of them.

Planting a seed of promise

within his walls

she watched as blooms formed

against the odds.

Her imagination soared with memories

and yearning thoughts of him

leaving her quivering in anticipation

of his touch

upon the soft petals

of her soul.



Artwork by Chelin Sanjuan Piquero




Memories rich in sepia tones

Their values hidden at first sight

But as your gaze rests upon them

They become lusher

And fuller


With a life of their own

Speaking to you

In the most tender

Of voices

Photo taken from Pinterest





I don’t regret

I never regret

I don’t want to wish them away

But they are achingly tender

And sweet

They tug at me

They cry out for attention

They beg to be remembered

And when they do

They are like that favorite song

On the radio

They are the words

That bleed

Out onto my paper

They are me

They are you

They are us

Photo taken from