Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Sweet slumber 

Sweet slumber will take us

and wrap us

in silken desire.

The velvet night

darkening windows

the stars

blanketing the sky

setting the stage for us 

to kiss our dreams awake.

So close your eyes 

my darling

and meet me 

on the edge of dawn.

I’ll be the one

wearing moonlight.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Tastes of the sea


The moonlight upon water 

catches the lilt of the waves as they rise and fall.  

The ebb and flow of the tide

speaking in hushed tones.

The night is dark and as soft as velvet.

They are alone.  

The beach is deserted,

 the only indication otherwise 

the path of clothes leading to the waters edge.

They are there within the warm waters 

with nothing between them but the sea,

lapping around them.  

She is pressed to him, 

her arms around his neck

her hands in his hair and upon his neck

caressing him.

His hands stroke her back, her hips, her arse

gripping their curve and pulling her to him 

pressing his urgent arousal against her

finding her warm and willing.

Their kisses are deep

tongues tangling

teeth nibbling.

They are lost in each other

fingers sensually smoothing over wet skin.


He lifts her up and as he does so

she wraps her long legs around his waist

his hard against her soft.

She arches her back

and he leans down to take a nipple between his lips

laving the tight rosebud with his tongue.

Enjoying the feel of her

and how she tastes of the sea.

The way he touches her

arouses her so completely

makes her wild to feel him inside of her.

As she kisses him

she wraps her legs tighter

pressing against him.


They groan into each other’s mouths

as he enters her

his hands squeezing her cheeks

controlling the movement

both of them lost to their arousal

as it violently crests.

She holds tightly to his shoulders

as he thrusts into her again and again

taking them down to the sand

water rushing over them

cooling their heated skin

but never dousing the fire between them.



Photograph taken from Pinterest





The mark of his words

Never more evident

Than in the moonlight

When etched upon her naked skin

His prose

Becomes luminous

Painting by Tatiana Siedlova


Swimming in Moonlight


She is swimming in the moonlight

Of his velvety words

Words of love, desire, yearning

For something more…

She sinks down under the blanket

Of darkness that these words

Cause to bubble to the surface

She is captured by them

A willing prisoner

But longs to capture

For herself

The man whose words

Have her drowning in him

Unable to take a breath

Because he has them all…

Photo taken from the internet. Original location not known. If it is yours and you wish me to remove please let me know.


She Emerges From The Sea


The moonlight

Glimmers on her

As she emerges from the sea

A vision of naked skin

Long, dark hair

And blue eyes

His sea siren

Photo taken from the internet. Original location not known. If it is yours and you wish me to remove please let me know.