Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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Music of rain


Raindrops have their own music

In this symphony of rain

The initial movement is undoubtedly

Allegro agitato

The rain

Fast and angry

Making a statement

Making an entrance

This eases into andante

But the rain

When there is a storm

Never starts with one tempo and ends with another

There is a continual accelerando and ritardando 





Until the heavens empty of their anger

The sky clears

And the sun comes out


*Written two years ago but as I watch and wait for the rain it seemed a perfect time to repost.


Photo taken from Pinterest, original provenance unknown.




This connection

A constant flood of awareness

Becoming a pulsating need

It’s beat felt across 

Land and sea.

I stand on the shore

Rapt with attention

Focused on your voice

Your words.

Suffused with the fragrance of your dark seduction

Leaving me to gently sway.

This delicious desire

Creating a melody within 

My body cannot help

But respond to

With movement...

Photograph taken from Pinterest