Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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Saturation of memory

It caught us
unawares. It was unexpected,
a summer shower that cooled off all
but our desire.
My dress, ivory with an array of tiny purple flowers
was thin, and saturated
with the deluge …

Published on Medium: Assemblage by Loose Words

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©2022 Christine Kelly

Photograph by the author


Hungry eyes


Hungry eyes

devour the tender words

on display.

Carved from desire-rich thoughts

they travel over monochromatic pages

in a progression of emotion

that only two are privy to.

Released amid the ether

to find the eyes

to touch the soul

to arouse the passion

of the muse.



Photograph taken from La Mie Emozioni



The words


The words

live and breathe

inside my veins.


by thoughts

by feelings

by desires.

They hide

until I bid them appear,

buffed and burnished

unfettered and released

to whisper the sweet and passionate things

a poetess will murmur

to her Muse.


Not new but still relevant.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


I Am Your Anchor


I am your anchor

In rough seas

I am the calming words and embrace

Which soothe you after a nightmare

I am the sunshine that warms you

On the dark and cold days

That chill you to the bone

I am the words

That you bleed out onto the paper

A vision ensconced in your thoughts

I am the dancer

That delights and excites you

In your dreams

Which linger into the morning

I am the fingers, lips and tongue

Which make a study of you

And map you

For my pleasure

I am the arms

Which hold you close

And the lips that fit to yours


I am the body

That aches for your touch

I am friend, muse, lover

I am all things

To you

Photo taken from Pinterest


Becoming One With It


She abandons her clothes

On the shore

She breathes in the salty air

The feel and taste of it

Making her heart swell

In delight

She scans the horizon

And finally

Wades into the water

Becoming one

With her favorite


Photo taken from Pinterest




The mark of his words

Never more evident

Than in the moonlight

When etched upon her naked skin

His prose

Becomes luminous

Painting by Tatiana Siedlova


Each Other’s Orbit


How distant

The moon can be

From the sea

Yet they touch

In ways


To the naked eye

Always within

Each other’s orbit

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The Outer Banks, North Carolina; 2013

I don’t know when my fascination

With the sea began

I suppose I was born loving it

Always living near the water

Always happiest when in it or near it

But as I’ve gotten older

The sea has come to mean more to me

It goes deeper than enjoyment

Deeper than swimming or holidays

The sea beckons to the soul within this woman 

It soothes me

It calms me

It sets my world to rights

There is something very powerful about the sea

Hearing the waves crash upon rock or sand

Smelling the briny, tangy salty air

Looking out at the never ending horizon of water

It is clear that I am small and insignificant

Yet, I feel part of the vast expanse of water

Water that covers much of this Earth 

Its’ vastness does not frighten me

On the contrary

I breathe it in

And it lifts my soul in joy

I am at one with it

Photos taken by sirensong1208


Covered in Verse


The poet savored the scent

Of his muse

The soft skin of her ivory neck

Beckoned to his ink-stained lips

As he

Once again

Covered her

In verse

Photo taken from Pinterest


His Muse


He thought she was perfect

A blank canvas

Innocent and pure

He could paint his desire for her

His magnum opus

With passionate brushstrokes

He painted with vivid color

Each one a testament to aching need

Wet and glossy she became

At his touch

Painting by Joan Martin