Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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The ivories he tickles
are behind her eyes
accidentals touched
strings struck

Published on Medium: P.S. I Love You for Poetry Sunday

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© 2020 Christine Kelly

All Rights Reserved.

Photograph: my own

Little Sparrow


The thought
perches upon my shoulder,
like a sparrow,
quietly undemanding,
yet claiming my attention.

It’s softness and patience
unmoors me,
as time races
past the point I felt certain I’d reach,
the person I’d become …

Published on Medium: P.S. I Love You for Poetry Sunday

Find the complete version here.


© 2020 Christine Kelly All Rights Reserved

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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Her Blue Period


The picture shows her

The dark blue lace

Cupping the fullness of her breasts

Just hinting at what is beneath

But that which he has studied intently

And knows as well as she

His fingers itching to follow

The scalloped curve

And nestle in the hollow between

His eyes follow her 

Creamy, pale skin


To the scrap of dark blue

Edged in lace

Certain of the heaven

He would find beneath

Wanting to unwrap her gift

Wanting to touch

To taste

To know her


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The Fire Within Her


The fire within her

Can no longer be contained

She grapples with her

Newfound knowledge

Struggling to find her path

Knowing she won’t be

Following a straight line

But one that curves and dips

And may not always be comforting

May, at times, be dangerous

But one

That she is certain

Will fulfill and complete her

Which has been her destiny

All along

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Draping The Pain


The worry

Wrapped around her

Draping her

Suffocating her

She curled up into herself

Willing the pain

The confusion

To stop its slow torture

Of her senses

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Moonlight Sonatas


The music of 

A thousand moonlight sonatas

Will fill our ears

And suspend us in time

A velvet night

A sky filled with stars

You holding me close

Me finding Heaven

In your arms

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Elusive Doorways


Elusive doorways

To our heart’s content

Twisting passageways

That confuse

Shuttered windows

That let in no light

But somehow

We find our way

Back to each other

Photo by Kevin Hilton


My Little Secret


My little secret

A delicious one

Kept to myself

To take out and stroke

When alone

To smile my secret smile

Knowing I’m your secret too

And you have the same smile

To dream about at night

Sometimes tender

But often dark, decadent dreams

Dreams that only feature you

You are my little secret

That is not so little

As you delightfully fill up

Every nook and cranny

Of my day

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