Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Sensuous thrill…


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The sensuous thrill of being naked for you

Spread across your lap

Your eyes feasting upon me

Your finger lazily gliding down the length of my curves

From the hollow of my neck

To my aroused center

Your touch on my breast

Soft and seductive

Belying the sudden tug of nipple

And the sharp stab of desire

You watch my reaction intently

As your fingers glide across my belly

My gasp and moan of pleasure

Delighting you

I am certain of your intent to touch me


But you are in no hurry

And neither am I


Written a year ago but I like this one so I’ve added audio and beg your indulgence with the reposting.


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Do you imagine…


Do you imagine


kneeling at your feet


standing tall before me

Your trousers

a long



I itch to touch

and when I do

when I curl my fingers around

the tops of your thighs

I feel muscle

I feel your strength

I feel how much you want me


Do you imagine

looking down at me



Watching the tilt of my dark head

as I peer up at you

under sooty lashes

our eyes locking

Your wants

my desires

My shy smile

as I run the tip of my tongue

across my lips


your taste


my utter delight

in you



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She has dreams.

Dreams of being naked

And kneeling

At his feet.

Head lowered.

Eyes down.

Awaiting his pleasure.

Awaiting his touch.

And when the touch comes

A caress of her cheek

A stroke of her hair

She positively purrs with pleasure.

Knowing that she belongs to him

That she is wanted

And adored.

Knowing that her need to serve him

Is accepted

And rejoiced in.

Knowing unequivocally

That her place

Is with him

At his feet.

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Punishment….and Pleasure


Have you ever thought of punishment as part of pleasure?

She had not been bad

But still

She was to be punished.

She had no idea what form the punishment would take.

Would it be hot wax

Dripped slowly

Upon breasts, belly, sex…

Would she be spanked…

Or flogged…

She really had no idea

And wondering had made her




She was not a fan of pain

But he enjoyed it.

He found beauty in the pain

In her submission to it

In her submission to him

And it was that which had her on her knees


Wrists bound

…and naked.

Having no sight

Her senses were heightened

She could not see him but knew he was there.

She could feel his presence.

Could almost imagine him walking around her

Studying her

Inspecting her.

She was an open book

Her pale pages available for him to inscribe

In any way he chose.

The waiting seemed interminable.

The silence of the room

Almost holy


A hushed anticipation.

And then she felt it

The sensuous glide of leather strands

Trailing along her feet

Up her calves


Across her thighs

Sliding between her buttocks

Where it stopped.

For a heartbeat she wondered why…

And then she felt it upon her sex



Three times

Back and forth across her folds

Each time he pushed a little more insistently

Opening her to his view

The leather strands rubbing against her

Caressing her

Arousing her.

She wanted to push back against it

To feel it rougher against her softest parts

But knew she could not

Must not.

She remained still

Her arousal building.

The flogger continued on its journey upward

Along her back

Across her shoulders.

A swish back and forth

Eliciting goose bumps

Her skin sensitive to the silky strands.

She was enjoying the tingle it brought about

When suddenly she felt the sting of leather upon skin

As he brought the flogger down upon her buttocks.

She caught her breath

The biting, burning pain catching her off guard.

She tried to think

But she couldn’t

Her mind locked onto the pain

It claiming her senses.

Again and again the flogger came down

Leaving a network of thin pink lines across her pale skin.

He alternated between back and buttocks

The flogger at times coming down upon her sex

The sting of the strands initiating a heat of its own within her core.

With each bite of leather she bit her lip to keep from crying out

Tears welling at the edges of her eyes.

She struggled to count down the strokes

Her voice catching as she absorbed the pain.

And then…

It stopped.

She felt his hands smoothing over her back

Her buttocks

Her hips.

Admiring his handiwork.

He pulled her against him

His fingers finding evidence of her arousal

As he whispered in her ear,

“Good girl”

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By Firelight


She is laid out before the fire

The flickering flames dancing upon her naked skin

He surveys her

This beauty he calls his own

From the top of her dark head to her scarlet toes

She is all his

As his gaze moves over her he catches her eye

She looks steadily at him from under her lashes

Desire reflected in her eyes

Her mouth is rosy and moist

Begging to be kissed

To be bitten

A blush has crept up her chest to her cheekbones

He finds this delicious

He reaches out to touch her

Running his fingers along her elegant neck

Fingering the pulse he can see flickering madly

Her chest rises and falls rapidly

As she waits to see where his fingers will fall next

She does not have long to wait

He caresses her shoulders

Enjoying the satiny feel of her skin under his fingertips

Her breasts, which he adores

Fit perfectly into his hands

Her nipples are erect rosebuds he cannot help but pinch

Between his thumb and forefinger

Which elicits a gasp from her

Her belly, flat and defined begs for his touch

And as he caresses her

The muscles dance under his fingers

He replaces his fingers with his lips and tongue

Causing her to sigh and writhe before him

As his mouth maps her belly and hips,

His fingers find her silky thighs and ease them apart

She bites her lip and her head falls back

He strokes her with the softest of touches

Enjoying the way she feels

How aroused she has gotten

His need to feel her skin with his skin

Is overwhelming

He undresses and takes her in his arms

Hands, limbs, tongues entwine

The firelight the only witness to their union

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Violet With Desire


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Dancing by an Ochre Moon


She danced by an ochre moon

Her naked body

Cast in a  pale glow

Arms raised

Hips swaying

The undulations in her dance

Pulling him along

And pulling him under

As if on the waves

Of the sea…

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