Siren Whispers

Siren Song


A river wild


She could dream of the freedom to roam at will

feeling the wind in her hair

the lift to her soul.

Mastering the elements of her days

as she let loose the storm, the wild within.

Hers an untamed spirit

oft hidden

but completely revealed

with one look into her eyes.

Believing in herself

and her dreams

she reaches for a life

that flows with passion.

A river wild

that is neither a love controlled

nor impetuous

but one that is illuminated

with the same vision.

A meeting of minds and needs

bound tightly with mutual respect.



Photograph taken from the internet, original provenance unknown.




I taste the unknown

in your kiss.

It conveys me to places

I can only imagine,

places where I am pliant

underneath your fingertips.

Your touch



unrelenting with passion.

It fuels my hunger 

and my curiosity

to know more

to do more

to be more.

With you,

within this,

a boundless need

has been unleashed.



Photograph taken by Jose Miguel

Model: Lauren Nicholas


Calling his name


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She wakes in the night

a voice rousing her from her dreams.

It is her own

calling his name.

Her eyes adjust to the darkness.

The stillness surrounding her like a soft blanket.

He’s in her mind

as he always is.

She says his name




and like a wraith in the night he is there.

He draws her into his arms

skin against skin

hard against soft

breast to chest

hip to hip.

They cannot get any closer.

She is intoxicated by his scent

by how he feels.

He kisses her

gently at first


more insistently

passion flaming at the first touch of tongues.

They become lost in each other

in the contact

in their connection.

As they kiss

skin is pressed

caresses are felt

fingers questing along curves and lines


and hers.

He finds her




She arches into him

nipples hard against his chest.

Wanting more

needing more.

His knee presses her thighs open

followed by his hands



pushing her over the edge.

Her hands reach for him

as he slowly enters her

filling her

his heat now part of hers.

He stills as she wraps her legs around him

pulling him deeper.

Wanting to prolong the moment

when they are closer than close.

Never wanting to wake

from this dream.


*A repost from last year now with added audio.


Photograph taken from Tumblr


Autumn girl


She blew through his life

like the fiery leaves of Autumn.

Her dance

as graceful as the wind

and as vivid

as the Fall colours

scattered across the ground.

The passion in her movements

leaving an indelible memory

to warm him through Winter.



Artwork by Christian Schloe (thank you Dievca!)




Storm and serenity


The past is present

in every word that we say

and every touch that we give.

Our connection

is vibrant and electric,

an emotional thunderstorm

of storm and serenity

chaos and contentment

making us feel alive

within the embrace of the other.

Daylight tenderness

gives way

to fiery midnight passion

darkness illuminating our path to each other

where our dreams are the conduit

to touch

as our fantasies

are given form.



Photograph taken from the Internet. Provenance unknown.



Like a phoenix

A year gone but the sentiment remains true…

Siren Whispers


As night’s murmur fades away to dawn

I remember

Rising from the ashes of burning desire

Like a phoenix with glorious wings

Passion burning brightly

Between us

I did not know where I ended

And you began

Such that we were not two

But one

Photo taken from the internet. Original location not known. If it is yours and you wish me to remove please let me know.

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