Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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And so it is that even when we are fully grown, well into adulthood, our hearts are still growing and learning.

Learning lessons we never thought we would need to learn, but finding a breath of life in that education, and feeling a youth in that rebirth.

We wonder if we may finally get it right, if we may know, at last, that path we need to traverse. We look for kindred souls, knowing that similarities are what bind us and make us strong, even in tumultuous times. We seek those we can walk side by side with, not to be led by, but to journey with.

There is a peace that comes with this knowledge along with a racing of the pulse, as though we are at the starting line, waiting for the gun to go off, and the race to begin.


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in all its dark hued glory.

The violet hour

when silence speaks to my soul.

I can breathe in the night flowers

absorb the stillness

and know a peace

that only comes

with being alone

with the moon.



Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Tasting your tears on my lips

The salt of your emotions

Reminds me of the sea

I wish we could forget the world

And make our escape


To the place that brings us


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