Siren Whispers

Siren Song



I taste the unknown

in your kiss.

It conveys me to places

I can only imagine,

places where I am pliant

underneath your fingertips.

Your touch



unrelenting with passion.

It fuels my hunger 

and my curiosity

to know more

to do more

to be more.

With you,

within this,

a boundless need

has been unleashed.



All rights reserved

Photograph taken by Jose Miguel

Model: Lauren Nicholas


A sea of white


It is a sea of white upon the mahogany of a four poster

The two of them adrift in the night

Amid sheets and pillows and covers

Clinging to each other in sleep

The silence of the night broken only by

The ticking of the clock counting off each minute


In the predawn hours he wakes to the scent of her hair

Its silky strands caressing his face

A dark storm

Wild and wayward upon her pillow

Her face is peaceful in sleep

A slight smile upon her lips

Dark eyelashes feathered upon her cheeks

Her skin is pressed to his

From shoulder to toes

His arms around her holding her close to him

His heat keeping her warm

His hands are on her breasts

He idly thumbs her nipples

Making them harder

And elicits a soft moan from her sleepy lips

His hands drift down to her hips

The curve fitting perfectly into his hands

He pulls her tighter to him

Gently pushing himself against her buttocks

Making his arousal known


He turns her toward him and takes her warm and pliant body in his arms

Her skin seems even softer than the night before

He loses himself in the feel of her

Her scent intoxicating him

His desire building

As he tastes and teases her

Waking her to his arousal

Making love to her



Learning her all over again



Photo taken from Pinterest