Siren Whispers

Siren Song




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Within this season’s bacchanal,

drink deep of me

and find your days ripe

with intoxicating flavours.

A glorious gluttony to savour.

Feel the piquancy of this need

that haunts my palate,



my senses.

Creating a thirst

I cannot deny

Every scent

every taste

reminding me

of you.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr



A river wild


She could dream of the freedom to roam at will

feeling the wind in her hair

the lift to her soul.

Mastering the elements of her days

as she let loose the storm, the wild within.

Hers an untamed spirit

oft hidden

but completely revealed

with one look into her eyes.

Believing in herself

and her dreams

she reaches for a life

that flows with passion.

A river wild

that is neither a love controlled

nor impetuous

but one that is illuminated

with the same vision.

A meeting of minds and needs

bound tightly with mutual respect.



Photograph taken from the internet, original provenance unknown.




Autumn leaves.

Their fiery beauty the setting

to an unwanted separation.

A cold blast of winter air

settled around my shoulders

and froze the tears

upon my cheeks.

The world tilted upon its axis

and I spilled off

into the black abyss.

His touch

hidden from my heart.

Secret longing kept buttoned

under my winter coat

as I walked miles

lost in our memories.


*Written for PoemTrail on Twitter; Prompts in bold


Photograph taken from Pinterest


Opium kiss

The scent of it teased her senses

for weeks

before she allowed herself

to breathe it in.

An exotic unknown

that lured out of the dark

the silent, sensuous voice

of her soul.

With an opium kiss that seduced her,

it’s taste delicious

and forbidden

upon her untutored palate,

she found herself embraced in a sensual flight

of decadent sin

surrendered inhibitions

and a lust overdose

that left them both with a hunger

they could not sate.

Their connection

a scorching addiction

needing no intervention

as they mainlined the sweet tincture

of illicit desire.



Photograph taken from Pinterest



Unholy need


Candle flames dance

amid the shadows cast upon the wall.

Fingers slowly glide along warm, bare skin

to cup this unholy need

that you have unleashed,

finally unbound from its shackles.

What I craved

finally given voice.

Hours are spent

impatiently pining

for the silky caress of words

that finger the ache

growing wild within my soul.

This coveted passion

a whisper between us

a secret fire

burning steadily

over the miles.



Photograph taken from Le Mie Emozioni


Good girl


For years she toed the line

followed the rules

the good girl

in thought and deed.

But now she is finding freedom

in expressing her desires

freeing her rapscallion ways

and loosing the chains on her renegade heart.

Answering to herself

to the soul quieted until now.

Dark needs speaking loudly

now that they have been given voice.

Renouncing authority.

Choosing to remain untamed

to stay wild

at heart.


*Created for the PoemTrail prompt on Twitter. Prompts are in bold.


Photograph taken from Tumblr




In my Book of Life

my inner story

was so hidden

that even I did not know the tale

until one fateful day

in the voice of a stranger

one simple word

unlocked the chest

where all of my secret truths

were kept.

Pages heretofore undiscovered and unread

were illuminated.

He held the key

was in possession of a plan

a detailed journey

to plumb my unknown depths

seeking the darkness

he knew

could be found below the surface.

Giving him my trust

my ultimate surrender

not only allowed him to map my body

but gave him a glimpse

of the longitude and latitude

of my unchartered heart.



Photograph taken from Pinterest. Original provenance unknown.

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Darkness settles

and sinister desires arise

from the ashes.

Passion blazes 

like a phoenix

upon paths

once scorched.

Volatile hearts



for what they need

their wants crystalised

in the visage

of the other.

The violent rhythm

of this requited lust

is seductive and enticing.

Brutal bloody destruction

of walls and bridges

inhibitions and taboos

their goal.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Sweet confections


Words that become memories.

Some can be soft, sweet confections

tender and adoring

sprinkled heaven upon a day

the warmth of a joyous smile

while others are the heat in the night

tangled sheet oblivion

rich in succulent flavor

that leaves me thirsting

for another drop

addicted to the taste

the sweet tincture of you

that intoxicates me

and leaves me

reeling with desire.



Photograph taken from My Eyes Are Full


Indecent invitation


It is in every word

an indecent invitation

tempting her to cross the line

to surrender to her forbidden desires

the ones she keeps trapped




It is in the way her body aches to burn

with the torrid hunger he has unleashed

her mind aflame with suggestion

and an imagination that he has kicked into 



It is only a matter of time

before this sinful seduction

bears fruit

the ripest one of all





Photograph taken from Pinterest