Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Red poppies


Fields of red poppies

Litter the landscape of my soul

Composed bleeding

Never a mess to be found

Yet the color gives voice to pain

To the wrenching hurt

Of being meticulously cut

A thousand silent times

Never noticed

My face ashen

As pretty poetry takes

My life blood


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved

Artwork by Moey


Captured waves


Captured waves of thought

Becoming poetry upon the page

Words that delve into the deep

Of heart, mind, and soul

Rising and catching

With every wave

Passions that ebb and flow

With verse

Pulling the reader in

Stilling their breath

Leaving them in a rush

Of feeling


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Pinterest




There is an abundance of heat

to this flame.

Far more

than seen with the naked eye.

Far more

than anticipated.

It sears me

to my soul

with your name.

Indelibly yours

I yield my all

to you.

Only you.



Photograph taken from White Noten




She is

Beautifully secure

Bound up in his adoration

The twists and knots


Against her skin



Photograph taken from the Internet. Provenance unknown.


She is as wild as a meadow…


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She is

As wild as a meadow

Of rare and colorful wildflowers


Blooming unencumbered

Spreading her petals

To enjoy the warm caress

Of the sun


She is

A place to meander through

And enjoy the stillness

A quiet, enchanting place

To take your ease

And let the silence soothe you

Where the wind brushes through

But does not linger

Making the meadow a sanctuary

A serene place

A tranquil place

A place of unspoiled beauty

Just like her

*A reblog from last year but this time with voice. More of my ‘She is…’ blog posts.  I hope that the reader enjoys..


Double exposure print taken from Tumblr. com


A Winter Wonderland








The snow came in great gusts

Ten inches, twelve, twenty four

Creating a purified landscape

Virginal in appearance

The wind creating immense snow drifts

It was beautiful as it fell

So soft and delicate

Each snowflake kissing my face

Like a lover


In its first pure day

Nestles atop tree branches

Creating a striking picture post card

Of a perfect winter scene

This is possibly my favorite part of snow

How it delineates the beauty in the curve of a bare limb

The brown of the branches juxtaposed with the stark white

Of the new fallen snow

Looking upward through the maze of branches

To gaze upon the winter sky

Pearlescent grey

No sun to be found

A hint that there was much more to come

That Mother Nature was not yet finished

The garden in winter is a pleasure to behold

The snow revealing everything

Suddenly trees and shrubbery

Comfortable in their hibernation

Are given substance

The snow taking the place of leaves 

Apples that should have long since fallen

Hang desperately to branches

Now, with a generous dollop of the white stuff

Looking suspiciously like ice cream 

The lonely swing

Echoes of summer fading fast

Finally given the weight of a presence

I can almost picture it

Moving to and fro

Snowy legs kicking back and forth


The garden was in hibernation

For the winter

But with this snow…

It has roared back to life

Photos taken by sirensong1208

February 2015


She Loves To Bathe


She loves to bathe

She loves the feel of the water

As it slides over her naked flesh

It’s such a sensual feeling

The silky caress of water

She loves how the steam and heat

Make her skin pink

Rosy and innocent on the outside


He loves to watch her bathe

Noting every water droplet

That seductively slides

Down the skin he aches to touch

Before disappearing into the bubbles

Which have amassed around her

Wishing his hands and mouth

Could follow and find the treasures that await


He loves the rosiness of her skin

That makes her look as though she is blushing

And oh how he loves to make her blush


And out

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