Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Feel me closer


If I simply say

that I am hungry for you…

will that tell you everything?

Will it reveal how

every day

every night

my skin burns

my body yearns

for your touch

from your fingers

your lips

your tongue

for the press of you

between my thighs

for everything I know

and yet don’t know.


Feel me closer

even if only in your mind

and imagine the night closing in around me

a sensuous shroud upon my nakedness.

Envision how my skin feels your kiss in the night air

how I arch my back to receive your touch

and open my thighs

to questing fingers

that are your proxy

caressing curves

and stroking this ache

again and again.

Can you hear my breath…

short and sharp with my arousal

my mind saturated with my images of you

as I become flushed with excitement 

on the cusp of utter bliss.

The haven of my bed

witness to the desire

and longing

I have for you

the walls echoing

your name.



Photograph taken from Pinterest




Desire for you

Sliding up the backs of my thighs

Like your questing fingers.

Searching for the ache you know I have

Beyond the hard, urgent nipples

Straining against clothes

Yearning for your fingers.

Beyond the flush of arousal

Blooming along chest and cheeks.

Past the sidelong glance

To see if anyone has noticed

My secret smile

The quickening of my breath

The crossing and uncrossing of my legs

As I imagine all the delicious ways

You would simultaneously

Sate my hunger

And yet stoke the fires anew.

Desire for you

Bringing out the wanton in me

As the tip of my tongue

Glides across my lips

As I imagine

Your kiss, your touch, your taste

And lose myself again

In fervently lustful thoughts

Of you



Photograph taken from Pinterest