Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Night’s silk


She waits


the floor

hard and unyielding 

under her knees

the silver flood of moon glow

gilding her nakedness.

The room is so quiet

she can hear her own heartbeat

its cadence

rising and falling

with her thoughts.

She is breathless

with anticipation

she is nervous

she is ready.

He watches her

admiring the sweetly sinful way

she has surrendered.

His heart hammers against his chest

with excitement

but he stills his hand

prolonging the anticipation.

The evening will yield its magic

in due time.

Night’s silk has draped the air

with velvet softness

and there is promise in the dark.



Photograph taken from Tumblr




Waking to his touch


Sleep calls to her with a seductive voice.

She curls up on her side

hand underneath her cheek.

The sheets are cool against her skin.

She smiles and exhales with pleasure

adjusting her position

one foot resting atop the other

cradled by the curve of her instep.

He stirs behind her.

She feels his fingers atop her hip

smoothing the skin


and down

and then up again

moving across the soft swell

of her belly.

He pulls her close

his lips finding the sweet spot

between neck and shoulder.

She feels the heat of him

and moves slightly

pressing closer

fitting the curve of her arse

to him.

His hands move up her sides

to cup her breasts

her nipples

waking to his touch.

Tilting her head back

she sighs

then whimpers

as he pinches them

ever so slightly.

She arches her back

pushing herself against his arousal.

With one hand on her breasts

his other hand snakes down

once more across her belly

to delve into the core of her.

Finding her

wide awake and wanting.

Finding her ready

…just not for sleep.



Photograph taken from Perfectly Persuasive