Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Beneath the surface

The older I get,

the more I realise

just how like the sea I am.

It was always blue to me,

that liquid expanse of horizon.

Melancholic with longing.

A churning, churlish mass of feeling,

everything happening beneath the surface,

much like my own insides.

A soul at turns calm or chaotic.

But as quickly as it is stirred,

bellowing forth with a tempest of emotion,

it is released and gentles itself.

Changeable tides

that ebb and flow as response,

some inner metronome

that keeps a steady beat

like my heart.


Copyright © SirenSong1208

All rights reserved

Photograph taken from White Noten, unsourced

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There is a pleasure to be had

in waiting upon the shore

for the tide to arrive.

To rush the beach

in a fury

in a passionate arrival.


It is the pleasure to be had

in anticipation

that arouses my spirit

which makes me feel alive

as I ponder the depths of my soul.

The desires that lay beneath my skin

those that I cannot imagine

but which I want him to unveil.


I hunger to swim within the depths

to go deeper and deeper

my breath becoming harder to catch

frightening and thrilling

all at once.

Never knowing what I will find

as the light recedes and darkness engulfs me

but knowing that whatever it is

I will forever be changed.

I will be


and dark

and wild.


Like the sea.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced


Solitary wildflower


High above the ocean

she flourishes

she blooms

a solitary wildflower

waiting for his touch.

Her colour


against the stark landscape

of rock and sea.

Swaying in the wind

caressed by sea spray

dancing to the roar

of the waves.



Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Tasting your tears on my lips

The salt of your emotions

Reminds me of the sea

I wish we could forget the world

And make our escape


To the place that brings us


Photo taken from Pinterest


Becoming One With It


She abandons her clothes

On the shore

She breathes in the salty air

The feel and taste of it

Making her heart swell

In delight

She scans the horizon

And finally

Wades into the water

Becoming one

With her favorite


Photo taken from Pinterest


She Is The Sea


She is crashing waves

Upon rocks and sand

She is the tangy sea air

That ignites your senses

She is the graceful breeze

Coming off the water

That strokes and caresses your face

She is the dark and light

Of oceans shallow and deep

She is the calm

After the storm

She is the sea

Within your soul

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Diversion of the Sea


The delightful diversion

Of the sea

Needed now

To soothe this soul

That is feeling blue

Words thrown on the rocks

Scattered to the four winds

Lost in the mist

Adrift on a stormy sea

An apt description

Of this unease

Photo taken from Pinterest

*This particular photo is of interest to me because it is of Sandy Hook beach, the place I grew up, the ocean of my earliest memories. My special place.