Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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Winter goddess


He dreams of pure white flakes

in the dark storm of her hair.

Of laughing eyes

and cheeks pink from the cold.


He dreams of peeling off her clothes

and of laying her down

in the snow.

Of watching her shiver

before running his finger down the length of her

her eyes locked upon his

her body arching to his fingers

before covering her shivering body

with his heat

with his hands

with his mouth.


He dreams of her

his winter goddess.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2016

Photograph by Esmahan Ozkan


Perfection of early morning…


Click here for audio.

She is drawn to the window

Pulling the sheet from the bed

She wraps it around herself

She kneels, entranced

By the snow

By the pale, pure light

Of the morning

She breathes deeply

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the silence

Enjoying the perfection of the early morning

The beauty of the day

And from his position on the bed

He was enjoying the beauty

Of her



*This is another piece written last year. The snow in winter brings many memories for me and moments like this that I imagine. I do so love the early morning and its stillness and the incredible winter light and how that plays upon the skin. I’ve added audio, perhaps, to justify the re blogging.


Artwork by Zhaoiming Wu


A Winter Wonderland








The snow came in great gusts

Ten inches, twelve, twenty four

Creating a purified landscape

Virginal in appearance

The wind creating immense snow drifts

It was beautiful as it fell

So soft and delicate

Each snowflake kissing my face

Like a lover


In its first pure day

Nestles atop tree branches

Creating a striking picture post card

Of a perfect winter scene

This is possibly my favorite part of snow

How it delineates the beauty in the curve of a bare limb

The brown of the branches juxtaposed with the stark white

Of the new fallen snow

Looking upward through the maze of branches

To gaze upon the winter sky

Pearlescent grey

No sun to be found

A hint that there was much more to come

That Mother Nature was not yet finished

The garden in winter is a pleasure to behold

The snow revealing everything

Suddenly trees and shrubbery

Comfortable in their hibernation

Are given substance

The snow taking the place of leaves 

Apples that should have long since fallen

Hang desperately to branches

Now, with a generous dollop of the white stuff

Looking suspiciously like ice cream 

The lonely swing

Echoes of summer fading fast

Finally given the weight of a presence

I can almost picture it

Moving to and fro

Snowy legs kicking back and forth


The garden was in hibernation

For the winter

But with this snow…

It has roared back to life

Photos taken by sirensong1208

February 2015


A Winter Wonderland


It was a winter wonderland

The pure white snow

Falling softly around them

As though in a snowglobe

Snowflakes in her hair

Making her

His snow queen

Photo taken from Pinterest


A Winter’s Kiss


A snowy winter’s morn

The sky a pearlescent grey

They walked hand in hand

Through the packed snow

The crunching of their footsteps

Echoing in the woods

The crisp air was making her cheeks

Delightfully pink

He couldn’t help but reach out

To touch them

Stroke them with his fingertips

Before pulling her to him

Hands on her cheeks

He kissed her

His breath warm on her face

Her fingers made their way under his coat

To touch his warm flesh

To bring him closer

As the kiss progressed

Their bodies melted into each other

Time was suspended

They were in their own world

A breathless winter kiss

Photo taken from


The First Snowfall


The first snowfall

So excited was she

That she danced around

Like a gypsy

Catching errant flakes

On her tongue

Her innocence


He was entranced

By the tableau

His snow queen

Photo taken from the internet. Original location not known. If it is yours and you wish me to remove please let me know.