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Siren Song

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I am not made of stone

I am not made of stone.

I have been told

That I wear my heart upon my sleeve

That my writing tells all.

While my writing is imbued with

My thoughts, my feelings, my desires

I write only what I want known.

I am a world of private thoughts and feelings

Pain and joy

Mine to share

If I desire.

You will not find me crying publicly

But that does not mean I don’t hurt

It does not mean that the tears I shed

Don’t run hot down my face

When I am alone.

I am not made of stone

I get confused and frustrated

I have feelings

I have pride

I can be hurt by unkindness

By insensitivity

Especially when it’s unwarranted

Though you’ll never know how much.

 No, I am not made of stone

I am made

Of heart

And soul


*Not a new piece but always relevant, always me.

©SirenSong1208 ~ 2015

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced


No resistance


Long before they met

she sensed him

Pursuing her

in her dreams

A negotiated presence

within her subconscious

Her soul

recognising him

at once

Her fragile barriers

presenting no resistance

to his claim



Photograph taken from Pinterest



Lay bare


The trust I placed in you

freed me to lay bare

every part of me.


My mind…

yours to question

to challenge

to enjoy.


My body…

yours to study

to adore

to control

to own.


My soul…

yours to kiss with longing

from your own soul

yours to touch with your words

creating a tight bond

a connection difficult to sever.


I lay bare to you

open and vulnerable.


And never have I felt more safe.



Photograph by David Hamilton



Lighting The Match


The words

Always the words

Lighting the match

Of the passion within her

Reaching down deep

Into her soul

Her core

Finding her essence

Making it yours

Photo taken from Tumblr. com




The Outer Banks, North Carolina; 2013

I don’t know when my fascination

With the sea began

I suppose I was born loving it

Always living near the water

Always happiest when in it or near it

But as I’ve gotten older

The sea has come to mean more to me

It goes deeper than enjoyment

Deeper than swimming or holidays

The sea beckons to the soul within this woman 

It soothes me

It calms me

It sets my world to rights

There is something very powerful about the sea

Hearing the waves crash upon rock or sand

Smelling the briny, tangy salty air

Looking out at the never ending horizon of water

It is clear that I am small and insignificant

Yet, I feel part of the vast expanse of water

Water that covers much of this Earth 

Its’ vastness does not frighten me

On the contrary

I breathe it in

And it lifts my soul in joy

I am at one with it

Photos taken by sirensong1208