Siren Whispers

Siren Song




We perpetually fight our nature

Becoming bruised and exhausted

With the effort



One day

We surrender

To the darkness within us

That we finally recognise it

And accept it

As our own sweet voice


Photograph taken from Perfectly Persuasive




In my Book of Life

my inner story

was so hidden

that even I did not know the tale

until one fateful day

in the voice of a stranger

one simple word

unlocked the chest

where all of my secret truths

were kept.

Pages heretofore undiscovered and unread

were illuminated.

He held the key

was in possession of a plan

a detailed journey

to plumb my unknown depths

seeking the darkness

he knew

could be found below the surface.

Giving him my trust

my ultimate surrender

not only allowed him to map my body

but gave him a glimpse

of the longitude and latitude

of my unchartered heart.



Photograph taken from Pinterest. Original provenance unknown.


Dark muse


He is my dark muse

enticing me

with the sensuous midnight of his thoughts.

Rapturous delights that he knows

will tempt me

and arouse my curiosity.

Will enthrall my senses

and subdue the angelic whispers

of my soul.

My surrender

to his bewitching and beguiling seduction

assured and absolute.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Dangerous curves



Sultry and seductive

the music speaks through her body.

Her hips



Moving sensually

in time to melody and bass.

As layer after layer

falls to her feet

with a whisper

of surrender.

Until she’s left


Her silk stockings

the only adornment

to her dangerous curves.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


A burning ‘yes’ inside


She couldn’t form the words

and yet he heard them.

Understanding and acceptance

of her latent voice

and his veneration of such.

Her inflamed desire

to worship

to please

leading to surrender.

The gentle probing words

as layer after layer fell away with a sigh…

the spark between them

becoming an unequivocal

burning ‘yes’ inside.

Her conflagration





Photograph taken from Pinterest


“This excites you”


He said, “this excites you.”

Never a question.

Always a firm, confident statement.

He knew what made her burn.

From every word he used

to the tone of his voice

he knew what made her surrender herself


to him.

He was a master

at how to turn up the heat.

Making her hunger for him

with a ferocity

she could not control

nor did she want to…



Photograph taken from Pinterest


A Lazy Sunday Afternoon


A lazy Sunday afternoon

A desire for each other

We must surrender to

You’re kissing me, hands on my cheeks

Holding me in place while your lips ravish mine

A moment only is taken to remove each other’s clothes

Surprisingly agile fingers making quick work of it

We are skin to skin

Your lips pressed to mine

Limbs entwined

I feel your arousal

As you feel mine

It’s always this way

This desire

This ache

Our hands feverishly

Dancing over each others skin



To touch every inch

You take my hands and hold them above my head

Pinning me there

I smile, knowing that you are about to tease me

Without mercy

Knowing there is absolutely nothing I can do

And loving that

Your lips claim mine again and travel south

Creating a fiery path

Scorched by lips and tongue

As you taste and tease me

Readying me for you

My nipples

Urgent in their arousal

Are passionately attended to

As you continue your journey

Along the curves of my hills and valleys

Your lips and tongue working their magic

As you reach my body’s apex

Making it dance in delight

My need becoming great

“Please,” I say

My breathing hard

The words breathless

We are gazing at each other

You enter me

Taking your time

Enjoying how it feels

Me around you

It feels like heaven

For both of us

And then our desire, our need takes over

Hip to hip


Breath to breath

Creating sparks as we come together

Each thrust from you

Driving home one word


Photo taken from Pinterest