Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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Sea of whispers


A sea of whispers.

I let them wash over me.

Tide to sand.

Every new foray

leaving me breathless

and exhilarated

with the touch.

An ocean of desire

to drown in.

Depths that beckon

to be explored.


which catch

and beguile.

Whispering as loud to my soul

as the roar of the waves

crashing upon rock.



Photograph taken from Tumblr


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The strike of a match


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It’s the strike of a match

that signals the beginning.

Silent to all

but them

as it echoes

over the miles.

Fire starters with words

that nourish each other’s hungry souls.

Imagination becomes saturated

with desire-rich suggestion

that teases the senses

with the darkest of intent

becoming gasoline to tinder

as they erupt in flames

at the first touch.


Created and recorded for Whispering Neds on Twitter, a spoken word poetry prompt.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


Innocent droplets


The water slides down her skin

leaving behind a slippery, sensuous path.

Wet rivulets

following form

as she tilts her face up into the spray,

water gliding over her shoulders

droplets gathering on hardened nipples

while a cascade of water

slowly wends its way

down the smooth expanse of her back

along the curve of her arse

and lazily finds its way

to the curves and muscles of her thighs

gathering speed as it encompasses her calves

finally pooling about her polished toes.

It is a path that his eyes have traveled often.

Oh how he wishes to be those innocent droplets,

though his thoughts are hardly so.

His fingers itch

to touch, to stroke, to squeeze and pinch

followed always

by his lips and tongue

as she becomes wetter

but not from the water.



Artwork by Steve Hanks


Storm and serenity


The past is present

in every word that we say

and every touch that we give.

Our connection

is vibrant and electric,

an emotional thunderstorm

of storm and serenity

chaos and contentment

making us feel alive

within the embrace of the other.

Daylight tenderness

gives way

to fiery midnight passion

darkness illuminating our path to each other

where our dreams are the conduit

to touch

as our fantasies

are given form.



Photograph taken from the Internet. Provenance unknown.



A Fragrant Wilderness


Photo taken from Tumblr


Everything With A Look


There are no awkward silences

When souls speak to each other

When eyes look

And silent messages

Are sent

When with a touch

You say everything

You feel

Deep within you

Photo taken from Pinterest


Two Moons


Two moons

Distant from each other

Lovers touched by

Phantom moonlight

That seduces them

In their dreams

And allows them to touch

Until the sun comes up

Print taken from Pinterest