Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Slow ripples


You touched me

like slow ripples upon a lake.

Remotely at first

and then gingerly

a cautious toe dipped into unknown waters.

But as trust, affection, and ardor grew

and knowledge became power

the expanse swelled

until there was no part of me

or you




Photograph taken by Mitchell Weholt





A small word for a big thing.

Why do we trust?  Is it when certain criteria have been met or is it something deeper, something undefinable, or explainable?  Is it that gut reaction, that instinct or intuition that has never steered you wrong?  Is it a sense that ‘Yes, this is good.  This makes me comfortable.  This makes me feel safe’? 

Whatever the reason for trust being given, the one thing that we need to recognise and remember is that it is a sacred thing and if someone has gifted us with that trust it behooves us to treat it with respect, with care, and as the fragile thing that it is.

It can be so easily broken but yet when it is in place and nourished with communication and honesty it can create the sturdiest foundation.  One that can weather whatever winds blow through the landscape of your relationship.



Photograph by Athena Grace




In my Book of Life

my inner story

was so hidden

that even I did not know the tale

until one fateful day

in the voice of a stranger

one simple word

unlocked the chest

where all of my secret truths

were kept.

Pages heretofore undiscovered and unread

were illuminated.

He held the key

was in possession of a plan

a detailed journey

to plumb my unknown depths

seeking the darkness

he knew

could be found below the surface.

Giving him my trust

my ultimate surrender

not only allowed him to map my body

but gave him a glimpse

of the longitude and latitude

of my unchartered heart.



Photograph taken from Pinterest. Original provenance unknown.




Happening slowly,

I was filled

in equal measure

with trepidation

and excitement.

It was a reveal.

A gradual unveiling

yet imbued with abandon.

Not of my skin

but of my soul.

My trust unequivocal.

A brilliant light

in the darkness.

Peeling back layers

to let you see me

and all of my imperfections

and you adored them

like luminous constellations

in my night sky.



Artwork by Thomas Saliot


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Hers was a blind faith

A complete trust

An absence of doubt

A leap of faith

Feeling instinctively

That it would turn out right

For you see…

She believed in him

She believed in them

Print taken from Pinterest