Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Ichor of desire


She looked levelly at him

‘this can be yours’, she said,

the plum kiss of her glistening lips a distraction from the words.

Still, he heard them and heeded their plea

the ichor of desire pumping hard and fast through his veins

ringing in his ears

a rushing river of carnal thoughts.

One look at her

and he could clearly see

that the shape of his destruction

would be found

in the curve of her sensuality.



Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Try not


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You try not to feel

the cadence of longing,

this timbre of desire

within my words.

Even when the yearning voice

of your own desires

are echoing back.


Written for a spoken word prompt on Twitter.


Photograph taken from the internet, provenance unknown. If it is yours please let me know and I will remove or credit.





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it is in the hoping that something special

something extraordinary

might happen

might be part of our future.

It is this that keeps us moving through our days

our eyes open

our senses

attuned to change

hoping that we’ll recognise it

when it makes its appearance.

And then

if we see it

and know it

do we grasp it

do we make sure

that all of those agonizing days and nights

of wanting something more

something unexplained

something undefined

that we give ourselves up to it

with all of our heart and soul

and become extraordinary

in the giving



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Good girl


For years she toed the line

followed the rules

the good girl

in thought and deed.

But now she is finding freedom

in expressing her desires

freeing her rapscallion ways

and loosing the chains on her renegade heart.

Answering to herself

to the soul quieted until now.

Dark needs speaking loudly

now that they have been given voice.

Renouncing authority.

Choosing to remain untamed

to stay wild

at heart.


*Created for the PoemTrail prompt on Twitter. Prompts are in bold.


Photograph taken from Tumblr


Hungry eyes


Hungry eyes

devour the tender words

on display.

Carved from desire-rich thoughts

they travel over monochromatic pages

in a progression of emotion

that only two are privy to.

Released amid the ether

to find the eyes

to touch the soul

to arouse the passion

of the muse.



Photograph taken from La Mie Emozioni





He balances

on the edge of my sensuality.

Precariously close

and yet

too far.

Breathing in

my essence.

Letting it

saturate him.

Allowing my taste

to settle

upon his tongue.

Savouring me

with sight


and taste.


not touching.


I’d pull him into the flames

with me.



Photograph taken from Pinterest



More than words


It is the meaning in silence

it is the thoughts

that pass between two

it is the sigh

that caresses across miles

as distance evaporates

it is a bond

carved with quiet effortlessness

it is their ease in the unspoken

that says

so much more than words



Image taken from A Cool Hand