Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Dripping secrets

Midnight blue ink

as an extension of her soul.

Dripping secrets from her fingers,

her pen spoke louder than her voice.

With a whisper he moved closer to hear,

her sweet accent echoing

within the chambers of his heart.

With words that gave voice

to unspoken desires,

to an intimacy in simple things,

he found the key to unlock

what had been imprisoned

within his soul.



All rights reserved

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced.


Wicked notions


Thoughts become lascivious

as they linger upon you.

Unspoken desires steal into every corner,

making themselves known

absconding with all reason

and will.

When night falls and dreams take shape

and as day breaks and you are the first thought that I have,

my body still bearing the midnight touch

of sinful hands

and wicked notions.

The heat cooling upon my skin

as dawn erupts

and the hunger begins anew.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken by SingleChair via Tumblr