Siren Whispers

Siren Song


A single word


A single word

from him

left her flustered

with a blush

that spread across her cheeks

and down her slender throat

painting her

with a yearning

that she did not understand

with a longing

that she did not expect

and with a dark desire

that spoke to her

without words.



Photograph taken from Le Mie Emozioni



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Lick me

with your desire.

Devour me

with your yearning.

Swallow me

with your lust.

And then,

never stop…



Photograph taken from Pinterest


I never knew


I never knew the face of yearning

until I looked into the mirror

after finding you.


I never knew the sound of destiny

until I heard your voice

calling me to your side

to your feet.


I never knew the burning touch of desire

until your words marked me

from skin to soul.


I never knew acceptance and adoration

until your gentle touch

revealed who I was

deep inside.


I never knew

…until you.



Artwork by Cayetano de Arquer Buigas


An Almost Holy Worship


Photo taken from Pinterest




She won’t deny it

She wants him more than anything

In her soul’s confession she’ll plead guilty

To his effect upon her

To the exquisite frisson that rushes through her

When she thinks of being with him

When she sees his name

When she hears his voice

To the near constant erotic thoughts

She entertains in the still of the night

Of her yearning to be taken fully by him

In every dark way possible

The imagined press of his lips to hers

The whisper of fingertips across her skin

His finger dragged along her spine

Where he would rest his hand on her hip


Of being bound body and soul to him

Dark and dangerous musings

Which rob her of her sleep

Her lust exhaling in the night air

Caressing her with want

Firing her blood with need

Dawn’s light finding her shipwrecked

Upon her tangled sheets

Photo taken from Pinterest


No Intervention


My body

Aches with yearning

The need

This desire

To have you pressed firmly

Against my naked flesh

Is palpable

I feel the flames of want

Licking at my heels


I dance quickly

Trying to ease the burn

But nothing helps

My skin is dotted with goose bumps

From when I randomly think of you

My imagination working in overdrive

As you like

A scene plays out in my head

I add pieces to it daily

Fragments of conversation

Of fantasy

Until it is a completed scenario

Endlessly playing on a loop in my head

I feel out of control

Like an addict constantly looking for a fix

Tap into my veins

Fill me up with you

You are my delicious addiction

But I need no intervention

Photo taken from Pinterest


Just a Girl


Before breathless

Before desire

Before yearning

She was just a girl

Discovering who she was

And he was just a boy

Who wanted to teach her

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