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Letting go

Letting go isn’t giving up. It isn’t failing. It’s making an investment in your future. But we get stuck, do we ever. We cling to that which isn’t making us better, or whole. We do this because we still love the other person, or we’re scared, or nostalgic, or stubborn, or many other reasons. The why isn’t important, it’s what you do after you understand the why that matters.

It takes enormous effort to make that decision, to take those first steps and embark upon that path. But once you get over the pain of ripping off the band aids you have painstakingly applied for years, it becomes freeing. And that is a surprise itself.

Amid the pain and sadness, and yes, grieving, there is a lightness. Perhaps it is confidence that the right decision has been made, or maybe it’s because we are no longer in limbo. Going through each day, seeing a very different future on the horizon, but taking no steps toward it weighed us down. Our progress was inhibited. There was no forward momentum. When you are stuck like that, feelings fester and feel tight beneath the skin.

Letting go is hard and often it is a decision you know must be made, but reconciling heart and head can take time. We step around the minefields, we navigate our pain, until we know we are strong enough to tackle it head on. And when that happens, we loosen the tether that has held us in place, that has kept us from living our lives fully. There is a freedom in realizing and believing that within every ending is a new beginning.


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Photograph by Manon Rousseau (edited)



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I watch and wait.

Precision is key.

Enchantment surrounds you

with such subtlety.

My spell cast with perfection,

more focus than lark.

You don’t know you are lost in its throes,

kneeling to worship 

the magic I weave,

an enticement

you dare not ponder,

nor ever desire

to leave. 


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Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced


She is red lace…


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She is all curves and soft skin.

A dark tempest of hair

and eyes the color of a stormy sea.

She is red lace

against pale skin,

chaste yet wanton.

The juxtaposition

of innocence and sin.

Good girl and bad girl.

A contrast that

bewitches him

beguiles him

and entices him

to unravel the enigma

that is her.


*Not a new post but still relevant


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Photograph taken by sirensong1208

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Bend of memory

Advancing moments steal hours

As memorable touch lingers in thought

A soft burn

That flickers

And flames

Darkness pervades

But light is caught

And kept

In the bend

Of his memory



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Bend me to your will

as my mind aligns to your desires.

My body aching

for the press of your thoughts

for the words that make me quiver

in delight.

Shape me

mould me

to you

as you find our tastes

mingle upon the same banquet.

Our hungers sated

our thirst vanquished

by this feast we have created

just us two.



All rights reserved

Photograph taken from Le mie emozioni


Daughter of the sea

Sea water flows through her veins

Like blood

Nereides; daughter of the sea

The longer that she is away

The louder the call becomes

A rumbling within

Never quieted

An ever-present whisper in the waves

And an answer that waits

Upon her lips



All rights reserved

Photograph by Shawn Heinrichs, “Temple of the Sun”