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Wanting what you don’t have


Wanting what you don’t have.

Is life meant to be a series of dreams that never become reality, possibility that never reaches fruition?

There is an impatience that builds once you get a taste of what sets your soul, your senses, on fire. You want it all. Yesterday. You look again and you see the obstacles and a path that lays ahead, and it seems endless. How hard it is to keep believing that you might one day set foot on that path. That one day the emptiness that has echoed inside of you will be quieted. You feel so far away from what you need, yet you try every day to persist, to put one foot in front of the other. 

Wanting what you don’t have.

Is this so wrong? You’re told to be happy with what you do have, but what if what you do have doesn’t fill you up? What if you know that there is more to life than simply existing? What if you want that so desperately…your eyes finally opened…as you recognize the shallow breaths you’ve been taking, and all you want is to breathe deeply and become more and have more than ever before…


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Marks left upon your skin

from a lover,

a tattoo of his thirst.

Not, as you were once led to believe 

a hallmark of disrespect

but rather a measure of his ardor.

Your thoughts form different conclusions now,

you listen to that long silent voice within

and feel the quickening of your pulse

as you think about his leavings,

the brands of his belonging.

You touch them when you are apart, 

your finger tracing the outlines,

pressing down upon them, 

remembering the passion,

the violence of desire.

You revisit the moment

and feel that ache anew

your thighs damp in anticipation

of more

of bite and bruise

and you recall how you were a meal made

and devoured



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A slow build



There is something to be said

for waiting

for savouring the moments that lead to that

singular moment.

It is the heightened response

you cannot help but be infused with.


again and again

eliciting a craving

for more and more.

A feeling of almost being out of control

a spiralling upward

that creates a delicious tension

upon your skin

as though you are a violin string

strung tight.



and left vibrating.

Your note

singing out

desperately yearning

for the notes

that follow…


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My words

a tender, sensual confessional.


given on my knees.

Bound by need and want

I look to you for sublime absolution.

Sooty lashes lay upon my pale cheeks.

My mind awhirl with thoughts

as I wait

for the touch of your fingers

lifting my chin

my eyes following.

To see my sin


within your eyes.


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Photograph by Roberto Gioli

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is not expensive presents

or lavish flowery words.

It’s not a bouquet of roses

or elaborate dates.

It is the little things

that resonate with her,

that make her swoon

just a bit more,

as she allows you to become closer. 

It is questions asked

that show you’ve been listening to her

and a gaze that misses nothing,

holding and heating her skin

with its intensity. 

It is the slight touch of fingers

when you’re looking elsewhere


but still connected.

It is sitting end to end on a couch


silent but aware of each other.

It is your hand on the small of her back

guiding her

not because she needs you to

but because you can’t not touch her.

Romance is time given

when time is short.

A five minute touch to remind her

that she is in your thoughts as you are in hers.

Romance is what’s real

not fantasy

and there is nothing more real

than seeing her

and letting her see you.


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Photograph taken from Black Swan Dive



In the dark

and in the struggle,

in the sad

and in the melancholy,

we can find true beauty.

Not all should be revered

that shines,

for what could be more

honest and authentic

than that which makes us

turn away,

afraid of seeing

of embracing

lest it consumes us whole.


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Photograph taken from Tumblr, unsourced.


Beneath the surface

The older I get,

the more I realise

just how like the sea I am.

It was always blue to me,

that liquid expanse of horizon.

Melancholic with longing.

A churning, churlish mass of feeling,

everything happening beneath the surface,

much like my own insides.

A soul at turns calm or chaotic.

But as quickly as it is stirred,

bellowing forth with a tempest of emotion,

it is released and gentles itself.

Changeable tides

that ebb and flow as response,

some inner metronome

that keeps a steady beat

like my heart.


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Photograph taken from White Noten, unsourced