Siren Whispers

Siren Song


She is a dreamer


She is a dreamer.

There have been times that she’s been accused of having her head in the clouds

of not focusing on the here and now

of getting lost in the future…

in what could be

in what she could do

in what she could be.

And there is always someone wanting to pull her back down

to terra firma

to try to get her to be more practical

more logical.

Always someone telling her that she’s an adult

that dreams are for children

that as an adult she must be more responsible

and focused on reality.

But while she is perfectly capable of being those things

she finds that her soul takes flight

that her wings spread

that she feels the most joyful

and free

when she can run after those dreams

full tilt

with everything that she has

to try and make them a reality.

The dreams that we have and how we approach them

often give a tantalizing glimpse of who we are

and what really matters to us


after all

dreams are not just for children.


*This is not new but remains relevant so here it is again…


Double exposure print taken from Pinterest

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This delicious connection

a delightful dance

of matched words and desires.

This slow dance

of wanton thoughts

tangoing through our minds

has us pressing our bodies close

our breath mingling

our desires


Our words 

a banquet.

A veritable feast for our senses

always dousing us in arousal

but never slaking our thirst.

Always keeping us

on the edge

of hunger.



Artwork by Pedro Alvarez




My body awaits your plunder.

Every treasure

meant for only your eyes.

Meant only

for you.

The feel of your tongue

the taste

the flick

the lick

soft and slow

devouring me

but never sating your hunger.



Photograph taken from Pinterest, original provenance unknown.




I will be your Joan of Arc

in visions of holy devotion

and divine worship.

As you lay siege

to my mind

my body

and to my soul

I will bring truth to your words.

I will illuminate the darkness

as I burn for you. 

I will make you a believer.


*Written last year after finding the picture seen above. Sometimes pieces almost write themselves.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


She is red lace


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She is all curves and soft skin.

A dark tempest of hair

and eyes the color of a stormy sea.

She is red lace

against pale skin,

chaste yet wanton.

The juxtaposition

of innocence and sin.

Good girl and bad girl.

A contrast that

bewitches him

beguiles him

and entices him

to unravel the enigma

that is her.


*Not a new post but something reminded me of it so here it is again.


Photograph taken by sirensong1208




There is a feeling of lawlessness within her.

Tinder awaiting the strike of the match.

A riot of anticipation that begins with him.

Each day cuts her with sharp shivers along every inch of skin.

She is alert and aroused

every blink of her eyes refreshes the picture of him

every breath brings the taste

the scent of him

to her

ravaging her senses.

Images of them become a continuous loop of erotic film 

within her mind

as she replays


hundreds of scenarios

each one causing her

to close her eyes

to still her breath

to control the rebelliousness of her body

as it becomes traitor to modesty

as the wanton within

begins to dance.



Photograph taken from Tumblr

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Labyrinth of Beauty

I adore this…

Midwest Fantasy Writes

via Daily Prompt: Pattern



beyond his comprehension

subtle complexity

tangled emotions

labyrinth of thoughts

all wrapped in beauty

woman in every manner

too complicated to understand

too exquisite not to love




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